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It was an average week, until I noticed a friend advertising his food events on Facebook.

Aaron’s head chef at Alabama’s restaurant in Manchester. Man can cook. 

Aaron’s been a chef for 11 years now, working his way up to being the head chef he is now.
Food has always been a big passion of his, and he’s putting that to a use in a way that’s bigger than just work.

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Like his post, if he draws your name out the hat, you eat at his flat.

Aaron cooks from his open plan kitchen for any friends who win that golden ticket. The night was a 10 course vegan meal. 


Words from the man…

“I was looking for a way to be more creative outside of work and a way to be able to socialise with my friends on a level where we could talk together and enjoy each others company without it having to be on a night out.

Food is my life and being creative is my drive, so it’s a way of putting the two together. Also, it’s bringing like minded friends of mine together in ways they wouldn’t normally meet.

Each night is a mix of emotions. But I feel genuinely happy and accomplished with each dish that goes out. The feedback always puts a smile on my face.”

“In the future I’m hoping to continue doing these events at my house where its close and personal, and hopefully each event will be more of a spectacle than the last as it grows.”

Aaron’s also involved in a group called So Lets Talk, which “works to “86” the silence around mental health and addiction in hospitality”, and will be putting on events with them.

He’s also working on some online food tutorials and contributing to a cook book the ‘So Let’s Talk’ crew are working on, as well as creating an online eBook of his own.

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Come Dine My G