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Charlie Cross.
Graphic designer, graffiti writer, muralist, mixed-media artist.

Also the man behind the Lyfz logo.

Charlie breathes life into words, through hard hitting fonts, shape distortions and experiments with colour.

Your guy for logo design, he’s worked on various Manchester based projects, check his Insta for examples of his work.

Charlie incorporates some beautiful imagery into his artwork, and has been keeping busy through Lockdown with lino prints and isolation art.

He’s also the guy behind the sick Wu Division tees…

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Word From The Man…

“I got into graphic design slightly late in life compared to many – in my mid 20’s.”

“I was dissatisfied with the various jobs i was flitting between, and was lucky enough to make friends with some talented designers who were already carving their own paths. They helped me to realise that it’s possible to earn a living through creative means.”

“The thing I value most about my line of work is the satisfaction that comes with the constant, tiny development of my skills and style.At the moment, I answer to no boss other than myself, which if i’m honest, suits my personality.”

“Art is essential to my well-being. I use art as meditation, as cathartic release, and as a barometer of my own mental health. To create, to bring something into the world that didn’t exist before, is a special thing.”

“My life improved exponentially when I embraced my interests fully, instead of leaving my passions as a ‘hobby’. For the first time, it feels like there’s paths unfolding in front of me, and i’m excited for the future.”

“I want to keep experimenting with new materials and ideas. I’d love to keep painting larger murals with my buddy Stu as D&D Walls. Hopefully hard work will manifest in exciting new opportunities, travel, new friends, and fun.”

Charlie’s worked on large scale murals, and has done pieces for a few locations round Manchester. Recently, he’s started a new project, D&D Walls, with his friend, Stu.

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