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Anni Kay. Hulme, Manchester.

In her spare time, she takes photos of where she lives and the people and community of Hulme.

Her collection can be found at HulmeLoonies.

Hulme Is Where the Heart Is

“Hulme is such a beautiful place and community to be a part of. I’ve lived in Hulme for a long time and feel more at ease and at home when i’m in Hulme. There’s a popular saying, ‘Hulme Is Where The Heart Is’, and it’s right. It’s one big family doing daft stuff, creatively changing perspectives and views on the world, dancing ’til the sun comes up. The only way you can truly understand is by going there and meeting everyone. Not a single day is the same when you’re in Hulme.”

“The HulmeLoonies page is a kind of organised chaos to show all my photos. I started taking pictures of cool things and friends because I was drinking a lot and could never remember what I did the night before, but over time it’s become a bit of a platform to showcase Hulme and what a weird and wonderful place it is to live…”

Anni’s photos are of people in their natural surroundings, sometimes unaware they’re having their picture taken. Anni’s happy to arrange prints if anyone wants a particular photo, give her a message.  

“Photos are a big part of the world we live in now, it’s so easy to pick up a camera and take a photo. Because of that, a lot of photos seem staged or posed. I feel like people are allowing you to see what they want you to see, which isn’t always a bad thing. But I want to capture the raw, natural being of a person, weather they’re in conversation, half asleep or dancing like no one’s watching. I believe the best photos are when you don’t realise it’s happening and you’re being yourself.”

The Future

Anni’s working on a zine collab with her friend, Jasmine Waldorf, showing two different perspectives of living in Hulme through photos. Anni’s got some personal zine ideas in the pipeline too, and is looking to sell some of her photography collection as prints.

“I want to say a big thanks to everyone who’s pushed me and supported me the past couple of years. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything without ya” x