Making a Monster

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This isn’t the last global Pandemic the human race is going to see.

But let’s accept some responsibility as a species, instead of pointing the finger at China.

Since the 1980’s, Zoonotic disease outbreaks have been on the rise. We had plenty of warning from Virologists about new types of Coronavirus, which have been ignored by our Governments and food industries.

No doubt the Pandemic is being exploited to create new industries, profit and a re-distribution of wealth to benefit corporations and the super rich. We live in a new Status Quo of fear, which accepts stricter control of our liberty in line with dubious statistics and graphs, but we should also be aware of the warnings from Virologists and Ecologists about our impact on the planet.

Toxic Food Supply

A lot of us already know that the global food industry (particularly the meat and diary industry) have some horrific, disgusting things going on behind the scenes.

Animals are reared in squalid conditions, pumped full of antibiotics to protect them from the bacterial infections that being kept in such poor conditions causes them. And then we eat them, along with all the medications they were fed. We’ve already seen what mass produced meat can do to humans (remember mad cow disease).

COVID-19 is a virus, thought to be hosted by bats, which people were eating caught from the wild. (There’s also speculation that the first known person the have contracted it was simply handling these bats and not eating them). 

Both viruses and bacteria’s from meat will continue to be passed onto humans and grow into Pandemics if our global food standards don’t change! 

Destruction of Wildlife

The human race (in the hands of our Governments), seems hellbent on destroying the natural habitat of our wildlife. Case in point, our beloved HS2.
The powers that be, value financial growth at any cost.

So what?

The cost is animals lives lost.
And human lives lost through Pandemics.
Their actions are leaving humans more vulnerable to virus spillover events.


As humans intrude further into the territories of wild animals, clearing forests to raise livestock and exploiting natural resources, we are exposing ourselves to pathogens that normally never leave these places and the animals they inhabit.

The Bottom Line

Deforestation, intensive farming, misguided and excessive agriculture, mining, exploiting wild species…The destruction of all things green, leads to less biodiversity of species, which weakens our planet’s ecosystem.


Expect more Pandemics, more frequently. They might not be as easily controlled as this one, hand washing might not be good enough. They might spread even faster and attack children more severely.


Respect nature. The food industry, bankers, energy suppliers, corporations… They’re trying to play God, and worshiping wealth over the planet. But you can’t abuse nature without it getting revenge. Profit should be re-directed towards incentives which conserve nature and our natural resources.

Global food standards need to change. Our attitude towards meat needs to change. Consider reducing your meat intake and avoid buying imported meats. Move away from supermarkets and towards your local farm shop, but be mindful that your farm shop might not be what it says on the tin. Moving towards self-sufficient ways of living is gold standard.

We’ve been lucky this time. But there’s things around the corner which will pose even more of a threat to humanity.
We shouldn’t carry on living and eating the way we do, and then complain next time round, when things are even worse.

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