Ren Hall

Ren Hall: Mental Health Practitioner and trainee Psychotherapist living in Manchester. 

“I have always been fascinated by humans and the mind; how we can be such resilient creatures and how we learn to cope with and relate to the world.”

“Eight years ago I began working with young people in youth and community settings and absolutely loved it.

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I had a really tough time growing up; being bullied by my peers and never quite being able to conform to (what I believe can be) an oppressive education system.

I wanted to do something about it, to give back, and support those who were struggling like I had. 

Over the years I went from working in youth centres, to children’s rights, to youth policy and eventually youth mental health.”

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“I see my role as someone who aims to facilitate people to discover their potential, and become their most authentic selves in order to lead the most fulfilling life possible.”

We’re experiencing a surge in mental health problems among young people.

“We’re victims of a society in which the government has repeatedly underfunded; housing, welfare, youth services, social care services, and health and mental health services. 

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If you’re living in a country that ignores rising poverty, homelessness and discrimination; your mental health is going to suffer.”

“We’re not taught emotional literacy at school; just how to pass exams. The curriculum doesn’t teach young people how to prepare for life and when young people face adversity, the services and structures built to support them lack funding and resources.”

Self help

Let go of the idea that whatever you’re feeling is ‘bad’or ‘wrong’ and do your best to accept you’re a complex human being; capable of experiencing a more vast array of emotions than any other creature on the planet.

“There’s the age-old advice that encourages anyone who needs help to reach out and ask for it, talk to people you trust and share what’s going on for you.

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But if you’re someone who feels like a burden, or doesn’t know how, or struggles with this – my advice is: find an outlet. Any positive outlet. Write down what’s happening for you, do something creative.

Find a way to make sense of what you’re feeling. You are the expert when it comes to you, after all. 

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Get outside and just notice things; the colours of the leaves on the trees, the sounds, the smells, and pretty much any nature-based grounding exercises are an incredible way to pause and reset.

Get off social media for a bit, or at least limit what you’re viewing and reading.

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When I’m anxious, I can become quite agitated and need an activity to direct my anxious energy into. I swapped Facebook scrolling for learning Italian and not only feel calmer, but can order food in another language!

“To anyone struggling with their mental health: you matter, you are important and you can absolutely feel better and breakthrough this. I truly believe that each person possesses limitless potential. The potential to be happy, strong, to transform their suffering and realise their potential.”

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