The Sea Cat

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Credit: @six_herons

The Sea Cat

Hand embroidery and lino print artist from Gloucestershire, UK, currently living in Manchester. The Sea Cat has been practicing embroidery, her main passion, for around 3 years, completely DIY.  

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“When I first started to embroider it was just a little hobby, thinking I would just pick it up when I was bored to use up time, little did I know it would become my life. As soon as I started stitching I felt like I had ‘found my thing’, I carried on practicing almost every day, constantly wanting to improve my skills.”

Credit:  @martaajunke

“The main technique I use is one called thread painting, which I mostly do freehand. This means that each piece comes out different to the last. Before this, I tried all sorts…It was getting a little frustrating not being able to find my style, but it was worth the wait as I love it now.”

“I have always loved upcycling old things into new ones, and it is important to me that my craft is sustainable. I use as many recycled materials and clothing in my work as possible, and really enjoy using old items of clothing.”

“Certain items inspire my designs so much that I end up stitching on them. It’s so much fun digging through things to decorate with, and not knowing the full outcome until I decide it’s finished. I love to see people wear my creations or hang them up, it make’s me feel proud of what I do and encourages new ideas.”

“Embroidery has not only been good for my mental health, but my physical health too.”

“I have suffered with chronic pain for a few years now and had major surgery in August 2020. Having something as consuming as embroidery to focus on is helpful for managing pain, it takes my focus and pushes me to do more and more.”

“I started a collective called the SCRAP YARD RATS in 2020, and it’s been such a positive experience
for my mental health, it has been a way of keeping in touch with friends and making new ones, even setting in motion the cogs of wonderful new collaborations

Credit: @martaajunke

Credit: @martaajunke

Creativity is so important to everyone in their own individual way, a release of stress, a way to express feelings and emotions, to capture something beautiful.

“I feel creativity is really important in a time where we aren’t able to see each other in person
or gather together to have fun and influence each others creative sides.”

“What ever it is, even if it’s random, it is something to someone. Creativity can bring a lot of emotion and relief to people, whether you are making it or seeing someone else’s work you enjoy. For me it helps my mental and physical well being massively.”

“To anyone struggling to find a creative outlet, just keep experimenting with things.

“ I have explored making all kinds of things since I was young,
I still explore new things and find things I enjoy doing.
If there is something you enjoy,
but don’t feel that you’re good at, then ignore your brain and go for it. If you practice hard at anything you will get better…”

“Try not to judge yourself too harshly, because whatever you do someone will like it.”

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The Sea Cat

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