Simmering From Beneath

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I’m Marc, I DJ and play tunes under the name Marco S. Like most people I’ve been into music since day dot, but started trying to deejay about 7 or 8 years ago. I was listening to so much electronic music that it was always something I was going to end up trying for myself.

About 5 years ago I left the UK and spent some time living abroad, mainly Australia and SE-Asia.
Whilst I was away I really missed good clubs, raves and UK festivals.
Parties just weren’t the same there, and I really began to appreciate how amazing our music culture is, and wanted to become a part of it. When I got back I invested in turntables and taught myself to mix with vinyl. I think this was a game changer for me and took me to the next level in terms of my mixing and understanding of track selection.

Steam Radio

When the first lockdown started, Marc got in touch with the guys at The Old Abbey Taphouse in Hulme, after a recommendation from a friend who had a show on their community radio station. Marc made a few mixes and sent them in. Now called Steam Radio, the station has gained momentum and is growing. Local, resident DJ’s fill up their slots, and it’s becoming a really diverse and eclectic station, showcasing some of Manchester’s best up-and-coming electronic music talent. 

Simmering From Beneath

“Marc and Luke aka Luke Wiseguy‘s show is called Simmering from Beneath. It’s aired every 4 weeks, Saturday nights 6-8pm, on STEAM radio. We try and showcase a variety of different styles of electronic music.I’m really into minimal, techy, futuristic styles of house and electro. Luke seems to have a soft spot for breakbeat, 90’s house and anything that pays homage to rave culture. We’re coming up to 6 months of doing the shows now, and they’re getting better and better every month.”

“It was a steep learning curve at first, as we had to record at home, and I’m not great when it comes to music tech, so I’ve had to adapt. I’ve invested some home recording equipment – a good quality microphone and a 6 channel interface. We record the show into Ableton, with music one channel and the vocals on another. These then get edited together, before being sent off ready to go on air each month. It was pretty hard to get used to using a mic for me and still is. Talking to an audience that you can’t see is kind of unnatural. I’m a little monotonous too, so I struggle to sound upbeat when discussing my tracks even though I’m absolutely buzzing!”

“Having a conduit to focus my energy into has provided me with motivation and helped keep me going – especially on those dark days where you feel like the Lockdown is never going to end…I think with Covid, we all expected things to be a bit better than what they are by now, and we all just miss a proper dance and a good night out in a dark, sweaty club.”

“I think having this show has been such a blessing in so many ways. More so, it’s given me a reason to buy more music, and now I can justify spending £100 every month on records, because people other than just me will hear them! We really enjoy ‘recording day’ and always turn it into a little two man party. The mixes are not always perfect, but it’s a learning curve, and we’re always pushing each other to get better and better. The plan is to just keep plugging away month by month, and see what the situation is like after we’ve done the show for a year.”

“We have ideas to turn our attention towards doing events and get our own night going, but it’s not really something we can plan at the moment. We’ve both been focusing on production and I’ve really got into Ableton. I’m not too good just yet, but I’m taking my time to try and learn everything to really master my craft. I should hopefully have some decent tracks made soon so keep an eye out!” 

STEAM Radio airs via this link and you can tune into our show every 4 weeks on Saturday night 6-8pm.
You can listen back to the show via mixcloud.
STEAM radio upload all of their shows to their mixcloud page too.

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