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“I’m Maria, I’m 29-years old, I’m a mum and I run ‘The Greener Clean’ eco friendly cleaning services in Greater Manchester.” 

I have a job that I love – bringing peace and calm to a home, but I worry about the amount of disposable plastic waste the cleaning sector produces, so I wanted to offer an alternative to the mainstream cleaning.” 

FACT:  Plastic pollution affects over 700 marine species that we know of. An estimated 100 million marine animals are killed each year from plastic pollution (Plymouth University).

“As I am vegan, I only use vegan friendly products, and plastic pollution has caused me anxiety for years. These things put together made The Greener Clean

I buy refillable cleaning pods, meaning all the spray bottles get reused. The spray bottles are given to us by our clients who would otherwise throw them out. That’s a huge win for the planet.” 

“I also try and limit my car usage – I have days where I don’t use my car at all. I like being able to offer flexible working hours to my employees who have struggled previously to find work that would suit their needs.

When buying the staff uniforms and masks, I buy organic cotton. I always think long before purchasing something, making sure it’s necessary and will get used. I think about what the packaging might be and where I source my products from.

FACT: If we don’t act now, seafood may disappear by 2048.

We have already crashed 29% of the seafood species with our consumption. If we carry on like this, in 30 years there will be little or no seafood available for sustainable harvest (Boris Worm, Professor of marine conservation biology).

People can be unsure whether eco friendly products are up to the job. People are used to using harsh, bleach based cleaning products. The smell of these products gives them the feeling of cleanliness, it’s what their parents used when they were growing up, and what they see on the supermarket shelves. All of that habit is sometimes hard to break – even when they see the outcome the eco friendly products give.” 

“You absolutely don’t need a lot of different cleaning products. And you definitely don’t need to buy a bottle every time you go to a shop – (there is always a sale on cleaning products). There’s no need to fill your cupboards with lots of plastic bottles.”

“There are so many alternatives now! Refills, pods, tablets, that you just mix with water and reuse your old spray bottle. They are just as good, but not as harsh on the environment and your airways.” 

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