Go Outdoors

Western civilisation has built walls around us, crammed us into packed living spaces with no gardens, forced us into offices to make money to live. Why is nature so important?

Save Our NHS?

Chris discusses alternatives to our NHS. Some serious food-for-thought about how our healthcare system could improve and be more inclusive of all classes.

Dopamine Fasting

We're addicted to our phones, it's killing our valuable time and messing with our brains. Improve your life with Dopamine Fasting. Learn what it is and how it's done.

Making a Monster

This isn’t the last Pandemic the human race is going to see. But let’s accept some responsibility as a species instead of pointing the finger at China. Prevent future Pandemics.

Naturally Cold

Ditch the medications. Many pharmaceutical medicines can actually weaken the immune system in the long run. Xa talks about how to prevent and treat a cold naturally.

Counting Sheep

Tips for a better night's sleep. If you can’t switch off, there’s a few things you might be getting wrong. From sleep cycles to phone lights, alcohol and marijuana.

Eat Better, Sleep Better

The food you eat could be messing up your sleep. Get on the right diet for sleep. Learn about tryptophan, what to eat before bed and some help from herbs.

Why We Need Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a massive part of our health. View sleep as 're-charging' your brain. Lack of sleep damages our brain and lowers our immune system.