Go Outdoors

Western civilisation has built walls around us, crammed us into packed living spaces with no gardens, forced us into offices to make money to live. Why is nature so important?


Charlotte shares her experience through grief, ways to cope with a journey through loss, along with some really helpful resources for anyone who is struggling with loss.


The artificial stresses of modern life need resilience. This post explains meditation in simple terms and hopes to inspire people to get started with the practice of meditation.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Anna explains what CBT is and shares her personal journey through therapy and self-help, to inspire others to regain control of their mental health.

Dopamine Fasting

We're addicted to our phones, it's killing our valuable time and messing with our brains. Improve your life with Dopamine Fasting. Learn what it is and how it's done.

Wednesday’s Child

A Community Arts Practitioner's thought-provoking insights on the importance of art and creativity, self expression, the barriers imposed on us, and much more.

Be (More) Happy

Think happy thoughts, because your thoughts really can make you sick. Tips for how to practice reducing your negative thoughts, with some Buddhist and Taoist wisdom.

Ren Hall

We’re experincing a surge in mental health problems among young people.Thoughts from Ren, a trainee Psycho-therapist, about mental health, with some self help advice.