Go Outdoors

Western civilisation has built walls around us, crammed us into packed living spaces with no gardens, forced us into offices to make money to live. Why is nature so important?

The Greener Clean

Maria at 'The Greener Clean' sets the bar for reducing plastic waste through Eco cleaning, with some tips for how we can reduce our use of unnecessary plastics when cleaning.


The artificial stresses of modern life need resilience. This post explains meditation in simple terms and hopes to inspire people to get started with the practice of meditation.

Dopamine Fasting

We're addicted to our phones, it's killing our valuable time and messing with our brains. Improve your life with Dopamine Fasting. Learn what it is and how it's done.

Making a Monster

This isn’t the last Pandemic the human race is going to see. But let’s accept some responsibility as a species instead of pointing the finger at China. Prevent future Pandemics.

Save The Bees

Facts about bees, pesticide use, how fungi could help save the bees and why YOU need to help save them.