Charlotte shares her experience of grief, ways to cope with a journey through loss and some helpful resources.


The artificial stresses of modern life need resilience. This post hopes to inspire people to get started with meditation.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Anna explains what CBT is and shares her personal journey through therapy and self-help, with the hope to inspire others towards regaining control of their mental health.

The Sea Cat

Hand embroidery artist talks about their work, up-cycling and the importance of creativity as therapy.

Be (More) Happy

Reducing negative thoughts, Buddhist and Taoist wisdom for happiness.

Ren Hall

Thoughts from Ren, trainee Psycho-therapist, about mental health, with some self help advice.


What they don't tell you about antidepressants, how the drugs work, whether they work at all, and some discussion of alternatives.

Counting Sheep

Tips for a better night's sleep. If you can’t switch off, there’s a few things you might be getting wrong…